Energy management in Åfjord church

Åfjord church in Sør-Trøndelag has achieved considerable reductions in energy consumption after Enfo’s energy optimization system was installed there in summer 2014. Enfo’s system is configured to optimize the electricity consumption of the panel heaters while simultaneously ensuring the comfortable temperature inside the church. The system is connected to the administrative planning calendar. When a new event is added to the calendar, the system automatically determines the optimal operation of the heaters so that it feels warm in the church when the event comes. The system is also able to optimize the panel operation to ensure that the total MW use doesn’t exceed a predefined level. This is important for achieving savings related to power-based grid tariff.

Compared to 2013, the total consumption in the church was reduced by 34% in 2014, and by 46% in 2015. Monthly consumption reductions are shown below.

Afjord kirke graf

All numbers are kindly provided by Helge Nilsen, former churchwarden,